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by javery on February 29, 2008


“But if you’re using Visual Studio, and want to get the most out of your tools, then this is a book you really ought to check out.” — Larkware (Mike Gunderloy)

“Anyway, to be an A player, you must have this book on your bookshelf. We rarely give 5 fingers out of 5, because most books lack a needed component to be great. Some have great technical info, but is written in a very dry manner. Others are great to read, but I’ve read it before in the online help, only it wasn’t so amusing. This book has it all: the technical know how and the nice readable style. Thus it gets the highest grade.” — Robert Gelb (

“Overall, this book is an excellent reference book for all levels of developer.” — Anand Narayanaswamy (ASPAlliance)

“If you spend a fair amount of time writing code in Visual Studio.NET, then Visual Studio Hacks will definitely improve your productivity in writing, debugging, and maintaining code. You’ll find everything from using (and the practical uses of) built-in features (such as the Clipboard ring) to in-depth explanations of downloadable add-ins.” — Alex Papdimoulis

“The book is enjoyable reading, intellectually stimulating and provides information that is practically relevant. There is insight from a number of different contributors, not just the primary author. While reading the book, I got ideas for other Hacks that I’ll be testing.” — Steve Carvajal (Amazon)

I highly recommend this book. I believe that it is a must-have companion for Visual Studio. Anyone that is establishing their project’s IDE guidelines for their development team would be well-served by the material covered in this book. What a way to impress your boss.” — Blair Kennedy

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