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Visual Studio Power Toys Are Back!

by javery on June 25, 2008

When GotDotNet was taken down many of the Visual Studio Power Toys went with it. I just heard from Sara Ford though and it looks like they have all found a new home at the MSDN Code Gallery. I updated the links for the power toys I have written about here (VSTweak, VSMouseBindings, and VSCmdShell) and here is a complete list that Sara sent. (some of these only work for Visual Studio 2003 or 2005)



Access to the command shell CMD.exe and the Visual Studio commands from the same

window. Alpha Quality Warning! Remark This is a sample that is m…


Help Builder

Create a custom help collection for your XML-style commented VB or C# class

libraries. Your custom help will be fully integrated into Visual Studi…


Load a file, or a set of files, into a currently running instance of Visual

Studio .NET 2003. No more extra windows opening, just pure editing bliss.


Use custom file extensions in VS, edit your command window aliases, MRU list

control, edit debugger output for classes, …


You have a 5 button mouse, why not be able to assign all five mouse buttons to

commands within visual studio?


The Control Outline PowerToy is an add-in that adds a tool window to the IDE

allowing the developer to see a hierarchical representation of the con…


OnlineSearch is a tool that will let you search the internet from within the

text editor of Visual Studio .NET 2003.


Design custom window layouts that you can store and recall from the Windows

menu. Automatically switch from code to design layouts as well!



Add XML comments to your VB .Net code easily and have them extracted into an

XML comment file at build time.


  • unhappy

    ControlOutline won't install; it gives an error "unable to get installer types in controloutlineaddin.dll" then rolls back.

  • Nice! Thanks for hunting the new home for these...

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