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Visual Studio Links #9

by dstokes on March 13, 2008

My latest in a series of the weekly, or more often, summary of interesting links I come across related to Visual Studio.

Knowledge Base Articles:

The Visual C++ team posted a description of the visualization of enum bit flags in VS 2008.

DiveDeeper blog continues its excellent series titled LearnVSXNow! with an article introducing the concepts behind creating custom editors in Visual Studio.

Nick Berardi posted an overview of Localhost HTTP debugging with Fiddler.

Via DotNetKicksIrony .Net Compiler Construction Kit on Codeplex.  According to the description, Irony takes the approach of defining the grammar in C# rather than a meta-language approach like lex.  I would say that is an improvement already.

Rudi Grobler posted links to a few good WPF code snippet collections.

Ken Egozi posted a link to a ReSharper plug-in called Agent Smith that provides help with naming conventions, xml comment validation and spell-checking, and other good things.

Sara Ford posted a tip of the day on moving or copying code.  If you highlight code and right-drag to another location in the editor, you will get a menu option to move or copy the code.

The Web Developer Team posted a description of the absolute and relative positioning in Visual Web Developer 2008 designer.

The Windows PowerShell team is asking for feedback on whether developers are interested in a PowerShell based build environment.  I will be stepping to the ballot box for a yes vote.

Via Jason Haley:  Samir Nigam has posted a Code Project article on how to create a Multiple File Upload User Control.  The article comes complete with a fancy animated image at the beginning.

Brian Donahue from Red Gate posted a video demonstrating how ANTS Profiler can profile inlined methods.  The video also gives a good demonstration of the effects of inlining methods.

A tutorial on creating a new custom project type using VSPackages has been posted on the Visual Studio Extensibility User Education blog.

Jeff King from the Web Developer Team posted a possible workaround for those having problems with IntelliSense and Ext.  The problem will be fixed in the next service pack.

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