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Visual Studio Links #89

by dstokes on December 18, 2008

My latest in a series of the weekly, or more often, summary of interesting links I come across related to Visual Studio.

Sara Ford’s Tip of the Day #337 explains how to narrow search results by turning off partial matches.

Via Alvin Ashcraft – Dilip Krishnan explains how to write a Textual DSL Using ‘OSLO’.

The VB Team posted a link to the VB 2008 Keyboard Shortcut Posters.

The US ISV Developer Evangelism Team announced that a 40% discount to MIX09 is available to a limited number (200) of people.

Sara Ford’s Tip of the Day #338 shows to how turn on or off Dynamic Help.

Greg Duncan posted a link to the announcement of the IronPython 2.0 Release.

The Visual C++ Team has a post about the new support for MSBuild in VC 2010.

Sara Ford’s Tip of the Day #381 discusses optimizing Visual Studio for multi-monitors.

Greg Duncan posted a link to the free e-books that MS Press is giving away in celebration of their 25th anniversary.

The Visual C++ Team announced that the VC9 SP1 Hotfix for the vector> Crash is now available.

Channel 9 Stuff:

VS2008 KB:

VS2005 KB:  Hotfix available for A stop error or a crash occurs on the operating system when you profile an application by using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 SP1.


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