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Visual Studio Links #88

by dstokes on December 11, 2008

My latest in a series of the weekly, or more often, summary of interesting links I come across related to Visual Studio.

Channel 9 Stuff:

VisualSVN recently released VisualSVN 1.6, a subversion source control provider for Visual Studio.  Upgrades are free for those who have purchased previously.

Gilad Lavian posted an Add-in which will add an option to start a new instance of your project detached from the VS debugger.

Greg Duncan posted a link to the announcement that Wix 3.0 is now in beta.

The VB Team has a posted an article about the many ways to insert a snippet into your code.

Jim Springfield described how to inherit from a Native C++ Class in C#.

The Web Developer Tools Team has posted a new tip:  Did you know…How to create Nested Master Pages using VS 2008?

VS2008 KB:

VS2005 KB:  Hotfix available for You may receive an access violation error message when you run an MFC application that contains an ActiveX Control inside a Tab control in Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1

Carlos Quintero described The strange case of Visual Studio 2008 severely crashing loading an add-in.

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