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Visual Studio Links #63

by dstokes on August 11, 2008

My latest in a series of the weekly, or more often, summary of interesting links I come across related to Visual Studio.

Via DotNetKicks

Visual Studio 2005 KB:  Workaround available for ExpansionsXML.xml Causes Slow Visual Studio IDE Startup.

The Visual Studio Profiler Team posted a Walkthrough:  Profiling With Automated Tests.

Dave Gardner continues his tip series with Debugging Tip of the Week #3:  The DebuggerBrowsable Attribute.

Istvan Novak (DiveDeeper’s blog) announced the availability of VSXtra Runtime v0.3.0.17 (alpha).

Carlos Quintero has written an article explaining how to Retrieve the Command that created a CommandBarControl from a Visual Studio add-in or macro.

Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition KB:  Hotfix available for Error message when you have a solution that has an ordered test in Visual Studio 2005 IDE, and then you close and reopen the IDE:  “Non-runnable Error”.

The VSX Team blog has an explanation of how to enable add-ins in your Isolated VS Shell application.

Channel 9 Stuff:

Carlos Quintero provides more explanation around the “Could not copy temporary files to the output directory” message when running an add-in project.

Sara Ford’s Tip of the Day #288 explains how to show external code in the debugger call stack tool window.

Sara Ford announced that her book, Visual Studio Tips, is available for pre-sale on Amazon.  Sara is using the proceeds to create a scholarship fund to help students from her hometown which was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.

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