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Visual Studio Links #60

by dstokes on August 3, 2008

My latest in a series of the weekly, or more often, summary of interesting links I come across related to Visual Studio.

Jonathan Wood has created a new video – How Do I:  Use the Visual C++ 2008 Feature Pack?  Part 2:  Using the Ribbon Bar.

Greg Duncan posted a link to a new video – How Do I:  Build and Deploy Database Projects Using Team Build?

Sasha Goldshtein recently conducted a training class and posted the .Net Interoperability exercises and solutions.

Charles Sterling posted the New Additions to the Team Foundation Server Setup and Admin FAQ.

The Register has an article about the upcoming SP release for Visual Studio 2008 and talks about the recent service pack release strategy for MS.

Via Jason Haley:  Miguel de Icaza announced the availability of the first preview for Mono 2.0.

Via Alvin Ashcraft:  Roy Osherove explained how to Set custom Visual Studio Addin menu icons without a satellite dll.  This is a topic that seems to provoke anger in most VSX developers.

Via DotNetKicks:

Channel 9 Stuff: 

Visual Studio 2005 KB:  Hotfix available for Error message when you try to use a project template that you create in Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Database Professionals:  “Failed to retrieve msbuild property FileGroupFileNames from the project file”.

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