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Visual Studio Links #17

by dstokes on April 5, 2008

My latest in a series of the weekly, or more often, summary of interesting links I come across related to Visual Studio.

Carlos Quintero has written another good article:  HOWTO:  Design a Visual Studio add-in to install and run on Windows Vista.

Via DotNetKicks:  Matt Berseth has written an article explaining how to build a VS2008 Styled Grid with the ListView and DataPager Controls.

Microsoft has made the Windows Mobile 6.1 Emulator Images available for download.

Via DotNetKicks:  Donn Felker announced the availability of NUnit 2.4.7 and describes the usage of some of the new functionality.

Microsoft Patterns & Practices has released the March 2008 CTP of Enterprise Library 4.0 on CodePlex.

VS2008 KB:  How to do basic file I/O in Visual C++ 2005 or in Visual C++ 2008.  There are also links to the C# and VB.Net versions.

The JetBrains .NET Tools Blog has a post discussing the new Hints functionality in the upcoming ReSharper 4.0.

The Web Developer Team has released the “PDEC”, the Pseudo DHTML Editing Control, for web applications that depend on the DHTML Edit Control and are having problems on Vista.

Matt Gertz from the Visual Basic Team has posted “Git Over Here”: Making Your Windows Mind Their Manners.

Marlon Grech wrote an article describing how to Debug Javascript in a Silverlight application using VS 2008.

Scott Guthrie posted an example of Creating and Using Silverlight and WPF User Controls.

Scott Hanselman wrote a blog post answering the question How do Extension Methods work and why was a new CLR not required?

Brad Abrams announced the release of Framework Design Studio.  Framework Design Studio is a tool focused on assisting with documenting and reviewing exposed managed API’s.

The Web Developer Team posted links to 2 articles written by Mike Volodarsky from the IIS team on Using IIS7 with Visual Studio 2005 & Visual Studio 2008.

VS 2008 KB:  VS Debugger seems to hang when you start debugging.  VC++ developers should check their symbol paths for high latency locations.

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