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Visual Studio Links #16

by dstokes on April 2, 2008

My latest in a series of the weekly, or more often, summary of interesting links I come across related to Visual Studio.

Carlos Quintero has written a post on his blog clarifying the functionality of Solution Folders in Visual Studio.

Sara Ford’s Tip of the Day #184 is about Guidelines in the VS Editor.

Amanda Silver posted the slides and examples from her LINQ Deep Dive and Tips & Tricks session at VSLive.  I watched part of this session (it was standing room only and I was standing) and it was quite good.  If you have a chance to see Amanda speak, you should take advantage of the opportunity.

Jason Haley has posted a Reflector Add-in Starter Kit.  The kit provides a starting point for developing add-ins for the popular Reflector utility.  Jason also has developed some good Reflector add-ins so you should visit his site and check them out.

Sara Ford’s Tip of the Day #184 discusses switching between list view and icon view in the VS toolbox.

Scott Guthrie posted a discussion of Unit Testing with Silverlight.

VS 2008 KB:  A hotfix is available for “LNK1000: Internal error during IncrBuildImage” when using /INCREMENTAL build option with VC++ projects.

Carlos Quintero has written an article explaining how to create a setup program for a VS Add-in using Inno Setup.

VS 2005 KB:  A hotfix is available for a situation where Visual Studio 2005 stops responding when you right-click a long type name in the debugger.  This fix was included in SP1, but is now available as a hotfix download for those who have not applied SP1.

Quan To announced the availability of the VSCT PowerToy.

Pablo Galiano announced the availability of LinqToCodeModel, a library built on the FileCodeModel (VS automation api) to provide LINQ queries on that object graph.  Very cool.

Xinyang Qiu has written a blog post documenting some of the known issues with the IE8 beta and VS 2008.

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