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Visual Studio Links #15

by dstokes on March 31, 2008

My latest in a series of the weekly, or more often, summary of interesting links I come across related to Visual Studio.

The VSX Team announced the availability of the VSCT PowerToy.

Carlos Quintero updated his article:  HOWTO: Removing commands and UI elements during Visual Studio .NET add-in uninstallation

Carlos also posted a description of the differences in /SafeMode between VS 2005 and VS 2008.

The VSX Team has created a new faq blog:  VSX FAQ Blog

Sara Ford’s Tip of the Day #182 shows how you can view an error’s help documentation directly from the Error List.

The US ISV Developer Evangelism Team posted a link to the XAML Specification.  548 pages of reading pleasure.

John W Powell posted 10 Tips to Boost Your Productivity with C# and Visual Studio 2008.

Via Jason Haley:  Uwe Keim posted Zeta Resource Editor, a utility to edit string resources in multiple resource files simultaneously, to Code Project.

Quan To announced that Iron Python Studio Integrated Shell Setup is available on CodePlex.

SlickEdit released a new version of SlickEdit Tools for Visual Studio.  Integration with CVS/SVN for version control, Regex Evaluator, nice diff tool, and other goodies are included.

Via Ayende:  Stefan Lieser is working on a plug-in to ReSharper for NHibernate.  The plug-in works with the 4.0 version of ReSharper and is in early form but looking good so far.

Visual Studio 2005 KB:  Debugger Does Not Indicate Source of Unhandled Exception for Windows CE Platforms

Via DotNetKicksTip/Trick: Making Non Themeable Properties of ASP.NET Controls Themeable

Sara Ford describes how to accomplish multi-column sorting in the error list and task list in her Tip of the Day #183.

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