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Visual Studio Links #110

by dstokes on April 9, 2009

My latest in a series of the weekly, or more often, summary of interesting links I come across related to Visual Studio.  Sorry about the long pause between posts.  That work thing just got in the way too much.

Miguel de Icaza announced that Mono 2.4 and MonoDevelop 2.0 have been released.

Brian Lagunas posted an article explaining how to Analyze performance issues in your WPF application with WPFPerf.

Ben Scheirman explained how to add a context menu to Windows Explorer to create new VS solutions.

The Web Developer Tool Team posted a summary of Silverlight Tips of the Day – Week 12.

US ISV Developer Evangelism Team:

Daniel Moth wrote on Measuring performance under Visual Studio.

VB Team:

Tips from the Web Developer Tools Team:

Brain Harry posted a Team System 2010 Overview.

Somasegar posted an overview of the Expression Blend 3 Preview.

New on Visual Studio Gallery:

<Shameless self promotion>  The product I’ve been working on for a while was just released.  The product is called Reference Assistant and it is a VS extension that integrates with both 2005 and 2008.  It has a lot of features to help automatically setup project reference paths and has the ability to parse configuration files for some of the popular IoC containers and let you know if any errors exist in type information (all at design time rather than runtime).  Any missing implied references are pointed out and any conflicts among versions are displayed.  We are looking for feedback and there is introductory pricing for the next month.  Many additional features are already planned for the future but any requests are welcome. </Shameless self promotion>


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