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Visual Studio Links #107

by dstokes on February 9, 2009

My latest in a series of the weekly, or more often, summary of interesting links I come across related to Visual Studio.

Visual T4 Blog is a new blog focused on the T4 code generation tool that ships with VS2008.  Here are the first few posts:

New How Do I Videos for VSX:

New on Visual Studio Gallery:

  • Visual Studio Learning Pack.  Release 2.0 of a free software package created by MS to help students learn about computer programming.

VS2008 KB:  Hotfix available for An incorrect result is generated when an optimization option is turned on in a project that has floating-point code in Visual C++ 2008 SP1.

Grant Holliday has posted the TFS Performance Report Pack.  A collection of TFS reports used internally by MS that you can run on your own server.

Vance Morrison posted an update to MeasureIt, a tool for doing MicroBenchmarks for .NET.

The Web Developer Tools Team has posted an article on Creating a Web Package using VS 2010.

Greg Duncan posted a link to InstEd, a new MSI editing tool than can be used in place of Orca.

Channel 9 Stuff:  This Week on C9 1 year anniversary – cake, champagne, and Scott Hanselman.


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