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Visual Studio and Mono at TechEd

by dstokes on May 12, 2009

Attendance is definitely down at TechEd this year in Los Angeles but there is still the same amount of great information in the sessions and vendor booths.

Joseph Hill, Product Manager for Mono at Novell, gave me a demo of a pre-release version of their first commercial offering for Mono:  Mono Tools for Visual Studio.  The product allows a developer to use Visual Studio to remote debug Mono applications running on Linux.  This is similar to Visual Studio’s ability to remote debug Silverlight applications running on OSX but for full applications.  It looked very nice and Joseph told me that a public test release should be coming soon.

I attended a session on the new functionality for ASP.NET in VS2010 and Microsoft has put quite a bit of work into programmer productivity for web developers on their platform.  Some of the features that I will have immediate use for are:

  • Code Snippets for ASP.NET pages.  This functionality has been available for C# and VB.NET for quite a while and I see a lot of questions about adding this in the Visual Studio forum so this should be very popular.
  • Surround With.. functionality for ASP.NET pages.  This is related to Code Snippets and allows a developer to highlight lines of code and surround them with a new tag (div or update panel for instance).
  • Much better support for accessibility on pages.
  • The ability to specify the id for an element and not have the compiler change it.  This has been a long time coming. 

No announcement yet on the release date for the VS2010 beta but hopefully it will be coming soon as well.

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